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Timepassbd live ftp is one of the best places to get Hindi movies. Timepassbd FTP provides multiple media items such as movies, telefilms, cartoons, Web Series, etc. Are you looking for an online movie platform then read this article where we talked about the Timepassbd Live Ftp server.

Like other Ftp servers, Timepassbd Ftp has a huge list of movies. On their web server home page, you will see a big list of movies genre. Where you probably will get all kinds of movies like Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, and English. So, in this article, we have given a piece of in-depth information about Timepassbd Live and some important queries with answers.

Description: At the present time, Technology and the internet combine a great combination that has directly affected human lives. Nowadays, every single person wants to watch their favorite movies and other media items on the mobile screen. But nobody wanna spend their money to enjoy media items through the internet. For this reason, many third-party companies built web servers for distributing free media items to global users. Timepassbd Live is one of them and it has achieved huge popularity for distributing free movies to its user.

TimepassBD Live

To access the timepassbd live you must know the default gateway address of it. Without having the correct URL address you can’t be able to access this file server homepage.

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Timepassbd Live

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Note: Before trying to access this Ftp live Server, make sure that your connection is supported by the BDIX Server. Also, Everyone should Use premium VPN software for enjoying media items through online. Definitely, It decreases the chance of the risk of Internet privacy leaking.

Timepassbd FTP Server

There is no difference between Timepassbd FTP and the Live server. Both things are the same. But people use search engines to find the TimepassBD index server by searching multiple keywords or phrases. And it is the main cause that divides the same thing into two separate terms. Here we have made a button that will directly send you to the homepage of Timepass BD Ftp Server homepage.

Timepassbd FTP Server

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Do you know how to access this fantastic FTP server without facing any hassle? If you don’t know then let’s check below to get a solution to this problem.

About TimepassBD Movie Server


Timepassbd is one of the biggest online movie servers in Bangladesh after FTPBD LIVE. We just say this because every single day thousands of users are using this mind-blowing Ftp server to satisfy their movie’s hunger. Currently, it has been using the Live domain, and in previous, it used the dot net domain name.

FTP Name Domain Extension
Timepassbd .live

Alternatives To Timepassbd Live FTP

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Discovery FTP

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What is Timepassbd?


Timepassbd is a common website that has been hosted by using FTP Cloud Hosting. If a website host on a cloud server then it can produce fast download and upload speed. As a result, timepassbd has the ability to do the same thing and it is also able to produce high-speed download service as well.

Nowadays, it became a popular online movie platform in Bangladesh. Not only does it provide high-speed download facilities but also it’s offering free service for all.

How to Access Timepassbd?

Before you try to access the Timepassbd Live server, you must have knowledge about some important things that we will tell you here. You can access that web server by using two simple methods. The first one is the direct process by using the button that we have given here and the second one is the manual process.

The first thing that, bookmark this page right now to access this timepassbd ftp server with a single click. If you already bookmark this page then you can able to access our website easily through that bookmark.

Follow instructions step by step:
  • First of all, open your (Internet browser)
  • Click on the (Browser Url bar)
  • Input the targeted site link
  • Press the ok button and done
  • Wait and Enjoy


Note: Before using any third-party website, use a premium quality VPN connection for browsing the internet safely.

Is Timepassbd Live Free?

Yes, the Timepassbd Live server is offering free services. Even, To use this File server users don’t need to face any registration hassle. It is the most wonderful thing in our opinion because nobody like to face this type of hassle. So, if you want to know more about it then continue to read this post.

Last Word

In a nutshell, we can say that the TimepassBD Live Ftp server is really a good platform for movie lovers. Everyone just needs to keep remember that the internet is not a safe place for us. So, before using an unknown website must need to use VPN software for your own safety.


Our website bdixftpserver.com doesn’t support any illegal activity. Also, we do not promote any things here. This content has been written for educational purposes only. Please refrain from visiting all kinds of third-party websites to download anything. We do not encourage our users to use any third-party website. Even, Our Website doesn’t support any illegal activities. Please keep avoiding using any website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate.


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