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Quick Online FTP
Quick Online FTP

Quick Online Ftp Movie Server is a service of Quick Online Bangladesh broadband ISP Company. This Ftp movie server is dedicated to quick online subscribers. In this ftp movie server, a user will get multiple media items such as movies, telefilms, web series, etc. However, If you are a quick online broadband user, please check this post from top to bottom. Because here we have given some kinetic information that is really helpful for every single quick online broadband user.

Transferring data from the server to the user with fast speed is a dreamy thing because a shared hosting can’t do it perfectly and it has been a normal matter for decades ago. Mainly decade ago, people are using shared hosting for operating their websites to the search engine. But in this modern era, people commonly use cloud hosting to serve their website to search engine.

All FTP servers have the ability to produce high-speed download and upload services. So, we can say quick online FTP also can give you the best experience of downloading and uploading.

Unfortunately, this server is not available for public traffic. Only the quick online broadband user can able to access this ftp server as well. Sometimes a branch of bdix-supported user can access this media server.

Quick Online Broadband – BDIX Supported

The Broadband company  Quick Online has provided superb service by the view of Internet Broadband Service. This broadband Provider offers multiple items where users can get an Ftp server, Media Server, Live Tv, Bdix Server, Game Server, etc. When we take a broadband connection, we check the overall performance and services of an ISP.  On that view, Quick Online is perfect for completing the desire items or services. Mostly it has huge popularity for their providing FTP servers. Even though Quick Online is Supported by the BDIX server, which is another great part of it.

Quick Online Broadband has made some awesome packages to focus on user types. It built basic packages for beginners and premium packages for pro users. Ultimately it gives 24 hours customer support and they really serious about their user experience. That’s why always it tries to provide better service than previous.

Quick Online Ftp Movie Server

Here we have given each and every supported Ftp movie server for Quick Online LTD Broadband Users. So, you can get that thing from below. As well as, here you will see some buttons and that will redirect your connection to the main server channels.

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Quickonline FTP Server

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Quickonline FTP 2

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Quick Online Bdix Ftp  | Live Tv

Q.1 What Is Quick Online?

Quick Online is an Internet service provider company which located in Bangladesh and provides services in the city area of the capital city. Basically, This ISP gives service to the home networks, offices, restaurants, and hotels. When other ISP networks failed to satisfy their subscriber on the same track the QuickOnline build an empire to dominate competitors by using the FTP server. Nowadays it became achieved huge popularity for giving users satisfying service as well.

Q.2 How To Use Quick Online Ftp Server?

Accessing Quick Online FTP Server is very simple and easy. However, anyone can access this ftp server with the Quick online broadband connection. If a user tries to open this media FTP server with a third-party broadband network then it definitely will not work. On the other hand, if your isp supported the bdix connection then you probably can access the quick online FTP server.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Open Your Browser
  2. Types Bdixftpserver.com and press enter
  3. Search the Quick Online FTP
  4. Then Open the Quick Online Post.
  5. Find the Blue button
  6. Click the button simply
  7. Wait for a moment and Enjoy

Note: If the server will not work with quick online broadband then contact your broadband provider or call to customer support number.

Q.3 Why can’t I use QuickOnlineFtp?

A lot of quick online broadband users asked Why couldn’t they use QuickOnlineFtp? There has no tiny and simple answer to this question. Because we can face this type of problem for multiple reasons. So, first of all, we need to figure out the problem from the root by diagnosis the system. If the problem shows for the IP address then the user can contact the provider for getting new IP. Sometimes the QuickOnline FTP blocked the user IP and nobody will access this server with blocked IP.

By the way, here we have given some alternatives to quick online FTP. If this server doesn’t work properly then try those alternative FTPs. It will definitely work for your connection.

Alternatives to Quick Online Movie Server

Alternatives to Quick Online Movie Server

Many people search for Quick Online FTP alternatives and that’s why they tap a search for the keyword “quickonline movie bdix”. Mainly it is a bdix connection-supported server and obviously, it only works for bdix-connected users.


Quick Online Broadband Package List

Name Speed Price In BDT
BRONZE 7 Mbps 650 BDT
SILVER 8 Mbps 700 BDT
GOLD 15 Mbps 1000 BDT
PLATINUM 25 Mbps 1500 BDT
DIAMOND 30 Mbps 1800 BDT
PREMIUM 50 Mbps 3000 BDT


The price should be changed with time. So, before taking a decision please directly contact to your nearest Broadband provider and ask them for the price of the packages.


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