Link3 Ftp Server bd | Exclusive link3 Ftp File Server

Link3 Ftp Server
Link3 Ftp Server

How can you get access to Link3 Ftp server bd and where you can find the link3 Ftp server? If you also looking for the answer to this question, here you can get all of your answers. Link3 is an Isp company or an  IT Solution Provider. It has provided multiple services and its broadband internet line service is most popular inside Bangladesh. If you came here to know about the link3 ftp server, you will get all details on this single post.

Does Link3 Have An FTP Server?

Link3 has an ftp server for its client. But it will only available for their registered subscriber. You can’t able to access the link3 ftp server if you don’t have a registered account. Are you looking for link3 ftp server address then you can get it on below.

Also, we have a big list of bdix servers and ftp servers. Check that list to get more file server names, addresses, and details. 

Exclusive link3 Ftp Server

Cinehub24 is the name of the link3 ftp server. Are you using link3 broadband internet? Then check this cinehub24 server and download movies, music, games, software, and much more things on it.

Link3 Ftp Server

Cinehub24 Ftp Server

Especially, you can get all types of movies in thing one single server. You will see here Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telegu, and Bangla movies list. However, this server has been published news files daily. To use this ftp server you can download your favorite shows easily.

Alternative Ftp Server For Link3 Broadband User

Many link3 broadband internet users complain that they can not be reached the cinehub24. So, that’s why I just make this alternative ftp server list for them only. Although, all link3 internet users able to access the cinehub24 server.





Note: If anybody has faced a problem accessing any server then checkout our bdix ftp server full list.

Can I use Another Ftp Server with Link3 Broadband?

Yes, why not? you can be able to use another third-party ftp server with a link3 broadband internet connection. Sometimes you may be facing problems with one of them but if you use any VPN connection then most of the listed servers must work for you properly.

Here I’m giving some alternative ftp server name that provides the same types of download services like lin3 ftp server (cinehub24).

  1. Amrbd FTP Server
  2. Ebox FTP Server
  3. Funtime FTP Server
  4. Media FTP Server
  5. Ctgmovies FTP Server

Link3 Movie Server

Hey my friends, do you know that what is a movie server? If you don’t then listen carefully “A movie server is a website that has been provided movie downloading service”. The link3 broadband has one single movie server that I already said.

Moreover, Check the cinehub24 which is only made for link3 broadband users. You already try to access cinehub24 but your browser didn’t successfully load it? And it shows an error message. If you are facing this kind of error, you should need to contact your internet provider right now.

Link3 live Tv server And IP Tv

Link3 broadband providers also have IP Tv facilities. You can get this service for free if you already a link3 broadband internet user. Also, here I’m giving some extra name and address of IP tv that is free for all types of user.

If you are not a link3 subscriber It doesn’t matter because anyone can use this IP tv list that has been given below.


Live Tv Server


Live Tv Server 2


Link3 Coverage In Bangladesh

  • Link3 Dhaka
  • Link3 Rajshahi
  • Link3 Chittagong
  • Link3 Khulna
  • Link3 Sylhet

Link3 Payment System

How To Pay Link3 Internet and IPTV bill through using the bkash app. The process is very easy and anyone can do it by yourself. If you have a bkash account, then check this video and learn how to pay the link3 broadband bill.

Pay Link3 Bill Through Your Bkash Account

Pay Link3 Bill Through Your Rocket Account

Now you can pay the link3 bill from home. Just play this video and follow the payment process step by step

Link3 Customer Care Number

You can get link3 customer support through email, fax, SMS, and phone call. I think the fastest way to get customers is the hotline number. Just call their hotline number and get your problem solution. 

Link3 Customer Support Contract Method
Email [email protected]
Fax 880-2-9821332
SMS 01708-811111
Hot Line +8809678-123123

Conclusion: If you get any help from here then don’t be cheap to share this post with friends on social media. Also, if you have any doubt about anything that given here, you can leave a comment for me.

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