Ebox Live Server
Ebox Live Server

Ebox LIve Server: This media server offers multiple types of facilities like movies, telefilms, tv serial, etc. If you come here to know about ebox.live then congratulation. Here you can get comprehensive details about this ebox media server.

Introduction: Nowadays many people come to the internet and searching for a perfect ftp media server from across the worldwide web. However, most of them feel disappointed because nobody doesn’t find a perfect server. Ebox live is also a media server that has offered by exordonline(ISPs) broadband company.

Note: Before using this kind of server you should need to use a VPN for an extra protection layer. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is helping to secure your personal data from a third-party website.

Check Ebox Live Media Server And IP Address

Ebox Ftp Server

Are you looking for an Ebox live server, here you will get in-depth information about this private ftp server? This live server has multiple types of facilities such as movies, games, software, etc. However, if you want to access this ftp server home page then below I am sharing a button that you can be used as the default gateway of this Ebox Ftp.


Ebox Live Server

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Best FileServer Ebox Live

Best FileServer Ebox Live

Ebox Live is another ftp-server from exordonline(ISPs) Broadband Company. There are also many more doors to access the FTP server of this ISP company.

They have kept their eBox live media server open for their customers only. If you do not accept the services of this broadband internet company, you will not be able to access the ebox Live Media Server in any way.

Ebox Live will be accessible to those who use the Internet of the exordonline Broadband Company. You can use BDIX and IX servers using Exordonline Broadband Company’s internet.

If you are a movie fan and you are in the habit of watching movies then an ebox media server can be a useful thing for you. Because you can get all kinds of media files inside this server effortlessly.


How To Access this Ebox Live  Server?

How To Access this Ebox Live

The first thing you need to do to access this ftp server is to bookmark our website. If you bookmark our website, you can easily access our website through that bookmarked page.

So bookmark this page now so you can easily access this page. You can also enter the IP address or Domain name of the eBox live server.

When you need to access this site you can go directly to the homepage using that IP address or domain name.


All Ebox Server Domain List

 ➡ Here we have given all the used domain and Ip addresses of the Ebox media server.

Ebox Server Name  Server Url
Fs.ebox.live http://fs.ebox.live/
Ebox fileserver http://fileserver.ebox.live/

Best Ebox Live Alternative in 2021

Best Ebox live Alternative in 2021 Are you looking for an ftp-server that you can use as an alternative to the e-box live server? If so, here is a list of alternative ftp-servers for you. The ftp-servers included in this list offer the same services that eBox media servers typically offers to their customers.

Even if you use the Internet with mobile operator data, some media servers here may not work for you.

But if you are a broadband internet user and if your ISP company supports servers like BDIX and IX then all the ftp-servers given here can be expected to work fine for you.

Alternative Media Server

Is it Legal Or illegal?

We all know that copyright piracy is illegal. So, if any use any material with having the legal lines then it called piracy. Online piracy is a big crime.

Many people were pushed for doing copyright piracy. So please keep avoiding those websites that are doing piracy or involve with it.

Before using any third-party website, must use a VPN connection. A VPN connection hides your identity and keeps safe your personal data from a third-party website.

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