Dot Internet Ftp is an ftp server that provides by Dot Internet Broadband ISP company. This outstanding media server offering multiple types of facilities like movies, telefilms, and live tv servers for its client.

Introduction: You are already connected with Dot Internet ISPs then you can also able to use their ftp server. However, some people don’t know that if a user tries to use the dot internet ftp server using a third-party internet connection, they never get access to it. Sometimes (Bangladesh internet exchange limited) BDIX Connected users can access it, but there is no guarantee for it.

Description: Before using this kind of server, you should use a VPN for an extra protection layer. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is helping to secure your personal data from a third-party website.

Check Dot Internet Ftp Media Server 2023

If you are a subscriber of the Dot Internet Broadband Service, you can also download a variety of movies and games using the Dot Internet Ftp Server. They have a mega storage media server which is overload with different types of media files.

Are you looking for the default gateway of this frenzy ftp server then check the below where you will see a blue button. Just click on that button and that will send you directly to the Dot Internet ftp server’s homepage.


Dot Internet Ftp Server

Dot Internet Ftp Live




What is Dot Internet?

What is Dot Internet?

Dot Internet is an isp company that provides internet broadband services in Bangladesh. It has multiple branches in the city of Dhaka. Dot Internet has some specific ftp-servers for ISP clients. The ftp-servers are commonly known as Dot Internet Ftp servers.

Dot Internet broadband internet providers provide their services in different districts of Bangladesh. You will get Dot Internet broadband internet services, especially in urban areas.

How To Access the Dot Internet Ftp?

How To Access the Dot Internet Ftp

Can’t access dot internet FTP server? Or your browser is showing you an error message when you try to access the dot internet media server. If this happens to you then there is no reason to be tense. Here I will explain to you very easily how to access the Internet FTP server.

However, You must be a member of the Dot Internet Broadband Company in order to use Dot Internet FTP Server. This means that only a customer of a dot internet broadband company can able to access this media server.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the dot internet FTP server. You can easily access the dot internet FTP media server if you follow the rules shown here.

Why the Dot Internet Ftp Doesn’t Work For Me?

As I mentioned earlier, only its customers can access the dot internet broadband company’s FTP server. What if you have taken internet service from dot internet ISP company and even then this ftp-server is not working for you?

Before you know what to do here to get rid of this problem, you should know what is causing this problem. Usually, the main cause of such problems is blocked IP addresses.

This means that if the dot internet FTP server blocks your internet protocol address or, to put it bluntly, the IP address, then this problem can be seen.

You should contact your broadband internet provider directly to resolve this issue. You can contact the helpline of your broadband internet provider dot internet and talk about your problem. Also, You can also try another FTP server.

Where I get an Alternative Server For It?

With the low price of the internet in Bangladesh, the number of internet users is constantly increasing. If you differentiate the current number of Internet users from the number of Internet users a decade ago, you will understand the rate at which the number of Internet users in Bangladesh is increasing.

However, if you are a movie lover just like me then you should look for an FTP server that offers a free service.

If you are looking for some alternative FTP server that is similar to dot internet FTP server like other users then you have come to the right place.

Below are some FTP server names and addresses that you can use without hesitation. Also if you want to get the list of FTP Server then visit the BDIX Ftp Server List page.

10 Best Alternative For Dot Internet Ftp  in 2023

10 Best Alternative For Dot Internet Ftp  in 2021

If dot internet ftp-server does not work for you then you can use the alternative ftp-server given here. To my dear readers, the ftp-server provided for some users may not work properly.

Choose the server of your choice from the list of alternative FTP servers given below and use it as you see fit.

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