Circle FTP is one of the most popular Ftp servers in Bangladesh. This Circle ftp has offered multiple types of media services to its users. Basically, the circle ftp provides all kinds of movies and telefilm with download facilities. But not everyone can get access permission. However, if you want to know more about circle ftp then check this page first to last to get comprehensive details.

Introduction: People of all ages love to watch movies. But most people are not aware of any platform where they can get their favorite movies and dramas for free. Almost all broadband companies in Bangladesh provide a service called FTP Server for their customers. Where ISP companies store almost all types of movies and dramas on FTP servers so that any of their users can use and download those media files effortlessly.

What is Circle Ftp?

The Circle ftp is an ordinary ftp server that is used for file transfer between server to client on a network system. This ftp server basically provides media files with download facilities. So, If you have interested in this fantastic ftp server then check scroll the page and check below.

Circle FTP Server

Circle FTP Server 2


Currently, most broadband companies in Bangladesh operate their own FTP servers. In addition, all broadband companies offer a wide variety of services, such as FTP servers, to increase their user base.

If you are a broadband internet user, you must have thoroughly analyzed their services before connecting to the broadband company you are using. Nowadays, every person pays special attention to the services of those ISP companies before getting a broadband internet connection.

How To Access this Circle Ftp?

How To Access this Circle FtpCan’t access Circle FTP server? Or your web browser is showing you an error message when you try to access the Circle ftp movie server. If this happens to you then there is no reason to be tense. Here I will explain to you very easily how to access the Circle ftp.

Only, all registered users of Circle Network Broadband Company can use the Circle FTP Server. If someone uses a third-party internet provider service, the Circle FTP server will not be able to access it in any way. Circle Network Broadband Company has offered this FTP Server for their subscribers only.

Remember, you cannot use the Circle FTP server in any way if you use the SIM operator’s Internet or the Internet of a third-party broadband company.

Follow instructions step by step:

  • Open your browser
  • Click on Browser Url
  • Enter this website link (link page)
  • After that open link
  • Then you will see a blue button
  • Just click on that button
  • you will redirect to that server page

Why I Can’t Access the Circle Ftp?

Why I Can't Access the Circle FtpMoreover, If you have been facing a problem accessing this circle ftp media server? However, there may have multiple reasons behind this problem that you need to find out.

This problem is usually due to your IP address. In most cases, this problem is due to the IP address block. In some cases, this may be due to the network that you are using to connect to the Internet. If a web server blocks your IP address, you will not be able to access the server homepage or site.

Moreover, if you try to use this FTP server using the Internet service of a third-party broadband provider, such problems may occur.


9 BEST ALTERNATIVES FOR CIRCLE FTP SERVERAre you looking for something similar to the Circle FTP server? But you can’t find any website where you can get some FTP Savar similar to Circle FTP.

However, here are nine FTP media servers on which you can get your favorite movies and dramas. Almost all Internet users will be able to use and access these media FTP servers effortlessly. So if you are also looking for this type of FTP server then take a look at the list given here without delay.

  1. CrazyCtg FTP
  2. Moviebazar FTP
  3. BossBD FTP
  4. Amrbd FTP
  5. Moviemela FTP
  6. Tejpata FTP
  7. Mojar FTP
  8. Mojaloss FTP
  9. Elaach FTP

Is it Ligal Or illegal?

We all know that copyright piracy is illegal. So, if any use any material with having the legal lines then it is called piracy. Online piracy is a big crime.

Many people have been punished for doing this offense. You should need to be more conscious of online piracy. So please keep avoiding those websites that are doing piracy or involved with it.

Before using any third-party website, must use a VPN connection. A VPN connection hides your identity and keeps safe your personal data from a third-party website.


Our website doesn’t support any illegal activity. This content was written for educational purposes only. Please refrain from visiting all kinds of third-party websites to download anything. We do not encourage our users to use any third-party website. Even, Our Website doesn’t support any illegal activities. Please keep avoiding using any website that hasn’t an SSL certificate.

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