11 Best Movie Server List 2023

movie server list 2021
movie server list 2021

Here you will get the 11 best movie server list 2023. All those movie servers are fresh and active which is tested by the Bdixftpserver team. So, check those movie servers and choose one from here that you want.

Many people didn’t find any active movie server that had been work properly. A lot number of movie server doesn’t allow public user access. They only offering access for their users and subscriber. Here I only giving some movie server name which is active and in running condition. Pick one from this movie server list and enjoy it for free.

Description: Before using this kind of server you should need to use a VPN for an extra protection layer. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is helping to secure your personal data from a third-party website.


11 Movie Server List that Is Best In 2022


  1. Ftpbd.Net
  2. CircleFtp.Net
  3. CircleNetwork
  4. Naturalbd
  5. Mojaloss Ftp Server
  6. Mojar Ftp
  7. Dhaka Ftp Server
  8. Movie Haat Ftp Server
  9. Vdomela Ftp Server
  10. Cinema Bazar Ftp Server
  11. Alphamedia Zone Ftp Server


Note: If anybody has faced a problem accessing any server then checkout our bdix ftp server full list.

Which is suitable For Me?

Every day many people ask which ftp-server is suitable for them. The reason for asking this question is that many people have problems accessing these servers. And that’s why they ask these questions. Then how to know which ftp server is suitable for you. So here I will try to answer this question.

In fact, every ftp-server is suitable for us. But the problem is for our using the internet network connection. Because we all know that the internet connection we use has an IP address. This IP address is our Internet ID. Now it is seen that some ftp-server websites block these IP addresses due to which we cannot access those FTP movie server lists.

So it is difficult to say which ftp-server is suitable for us. If you are using the internet connection of a certain broadband company then it is possible to say which ftp-server is suitable for you. Now it turns out that each broadband Internet ISP has its own ftp-server. So if the broadband service you are using is from an FTP server then you can use that ftp server with your eyes closed.

You can get maximum download speeds from the FTP Server provided by your broadband service. Needless to say, the ftp server of the broadband internet service you are using will be suitable for you.

How to Access those Servers?

Are you trying to access ftp-servers but can’t? No problem, I’m giving you a solution here. In fact, accessing these ftp-servers is very easy and here you only need the address of the server. If you already know the addresses of the servers, then it will be much easier for you to enter the servers.

Anyway, let’s go straight to work without further ado, here I have given the names of the FTP servers and I have attached the addresses link of the ftp servers along with the names. You can go directly to the homepage of a server by clicking on the full name of the servers that given here. So to access the FTP movie server list, you need to click on the name of your chosen  FTP server. Choose a server from the list and click one above the name of your preferred server.

Those Server Didn’t Work For Me?

Those Server Didn't Work For Me?

Is any of the servers listed here not working properly for you? If it doesn’t work, there’s no problem. Because I have made a big list for you where you can get more than 350 ftp movie server list. So if any of the servers here don’t work for you or you can’t access the FTP servers provided here then there is no reason to worry.

Check out our 350 ftp-server lists without any hassle. There are names and addresses of FTP servers from famous ISP companies in Bangladesh. You go directly to that page and choose an ftp-server from there. Remember that you must use a VPN connection before using the FTP server.

Why I Couldn’t Access Those Movie Servers?

If you are a movie lover then you must have a movie server. Because you can download any kind of movie and drama without any hassle from the movie server only. So if you want to download movie dramas then you must have a movie server.

Anyway, you can’t access movie servers. What if you can’t access the movie servers? What should you do now?

In fact, if you can’t access the movie servers, you know that there is a problem with the IP address of the internet connection you are using. Sometimes this problem occurs if the IP address you use blocks your entered movie server. So if you face any problems while logging in to a movie server, you can try using a VPN connection. Using a VPN connection will solve your problem. If you are still experiencing this problem after using the VPN connection, you know that the ftp-server you choose does not accept public access. In that case, you can try another movie server.

How To Use Any Ftp Server?

How To Use Any Ftp Server?

If you are a movie lover like me then you need to know how to use an FTP server. In fact, ftp-server is a necessary thing through which you can download any kind of movie without any hassle. So if you don’t know how to use an FTP server then here I will tell you how to download movies using an FTP server.

You must be logged in to the selected server before you can download anything from an ftp-server or movie server. To access a server you must know the IP address or domain name of that server. You can access the ftp-servers that I have listed here with just one click. You don’t need to know any additional things to do it.

So if you want to access any of the FTP servers that given here, you can go directly to the homepage of that server by clicking on the ftp server link.  So choose one from here and then enjoy it as your preference.


Is it illegal or Legal?

You all know that copying and uploading content online is a crime but this crime is called online piracy. Online piracy is also known as cybercrime. There are many websites that use pirated content so please do not visit those sites. Because using online content and uploading them are two equal crimes. Beware of online piracy and warn the person next to you.

Where I can get the Alternative Movie server list?

Where I can get the Alternative Movie server list?

Every day many people find an Alternative movie server for download movies, telefilm, games, and software. Here you can get a huge alternative movie server list for your isp network.

Is the FTP server on your ISP network not working? No problem here you can find out the details of some alternative FTP servers and using these FTP servers you can download many more movies and dramas of your choice.

If you would like to see a list of these FTP Server Options, you can go directly to our BDX FTP Server List page. There you will find a list of over 350 FTP Servers and using those servers you can download all kinds of movies of your choice.



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